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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What Do You Want To Be?

What do you want to be when you grow up and why? Do you know anyone who already does what you want to do?

We'd love to hear you comments about our videos.

Do You Have a Story Someone Can Learn From?

Do you have a story about your life or experiences that someone one could learn and grow from?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 15 - 26

It sure is good to get back to school after quite an eventful time off. I'm ready to get back to a regular week and get into a solid routine! How about you?

I will be sending text message home about tutoring times, so thank you for getting back to me so I can verify the tutoring schedule and accommodate as many students as possible.

Our winter MAP scores will be coming back soon, and I will be setting up parent conferences to discuss these results. I want to make sure each student is moving forward in 3rd grade and is performing at the level necessary to be prepared for 4th grade! Look for your child's MAP goal setting sheet in this week's folders so you can help discuss your child's performance goals.

This week in... 

Math ~

So far students have not only learned about fractions and equivalent fractions, we're diving into comparing fractions through models and word problems. The videos and slideshows below will assist you in helping your child be successful in this week's work.

I would love for your to use the presentation below to help review fractions with your child to reinforce the learning they are receiving each day as well as their learning prior to Christmas break.

Student Learning Goals:
  • build models of comparing fractions using objects, pictorial models and number lines
  • communicate the thinking behind how various models were developed
  • determine incorrect thinking on various problems and how to correct that thinking.
  • Click here for sample problems of what your child will be doing in school (sample below).
 Unit on Understanding Fractions

Science ~

Student Learning Goals:

Click here to study our vocabulary flashcards. Try out this practice quiz for our vocabulary words.
  • construct models that demonstrate the relationship of the Sun, Earth, and the Moon, including orbits and positions; AND 
  • identify the planets in Earth’s Solar System and their position in relation to the Sun.
  • clearly communicate and support the thinking for these concepts:
    • How can we use models to represent the orbits of the Moon and Earth?
    • What are the eight planets of our Solar System and what is their position in relation to the Sun?
    • How can we remember the order of the planets from the Sun?

Remember for the future ~

Student Challenge ~ 

Watch this video on Artificial Intelligence and think of how jobs will change for the future!