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Monday, October 17, 2011

This Wednesday's Exciting Skype with Antarctica!


Over the weekend, I had the most awesome opportunity come up that I would love you to be able to experience.  A Twitter contact (@ksivick) helped connect me with Michael League, an explorer, researcher, teacher at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica!  He works with an organization called PolarTREC which stands for teachers and researchers exploring and collaborating.  Mr. League is currently in Antarctica, but will be returning this Friday. We don't have much time to prepare, but we are busily get ready for this exciting event!  My class is thrilled we could sqeeze in this excellent learning opportunity.

Mr. Leagues's Latest Polar Connect Session from Friday, October 14, 2011(AMAZING pictures!)


  1. I think Michael League`s presentation was fantastic I still can’t believe we spoke to a person that far away in Antarctica its so amazing. I can’t believe i got to ask him a question. My favorite part is when he showed us a video of him going down in the water.

    Eriyonia Fowler

  2. I enjoyed this presintaion because we got to talk with a man all the way in Antartica and all the animals there. I mean,I had no clue that all of those animals lived there in an icecap where everything is relly ice. It was an once in a lifetime experience. I loved it too.

  3. It was fun geting to skype with a gentelmen from Antartica.I didnot know that there are octopusses
    in Antartic ocean

  4. Dear Ms.Tripp

    It was cool skyping with someone who is all the way in Antartica. I think you worked hard to get us to skpye with Mr.League. The pictures he showed us were amazing who knew ocean sea life was so beautiful. I don't think I could do a job like that in Antartica. Once again thank you for letting our class join yours.

    Mr.Riordan's class

  5. It was fun haveing you visit us. We hope you visit us some more.

  6. Hey Miss Tripp i just wanted to say that skypeing with michael Leage was a one of a chance of a life time. It was soo increddible i just wanted to say thank and my favorite part was when he showed us his snow gar and when he showed us his diving gear it was soooo much fun it really was and thank you for this experience.
    raven conn [:

  7. I think it was very nice to skype with Mr.League.He is a very nice person.He does a very interesting job and he gets to see all these cool animals that is an awesome job.
    My name is Rebecca.

  8. The presentation was spectacular. I loved the penguins and jelly fish I found that very great .And no other school or person ever got to see him. I just loved the presentation.

  9. I really liked skypeing with you Mr. Leauge. It was awsome that You are in Anartica and you find sea worms. You are very lucky.I wonder if the scientests ever find a new kind of sea worm. We had a great time talking to you!

  10. I loved skyping whith Michael League. Tell Mr. League i siad thank you for skyping whit us. He is a very lukey man.

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  12. Wow, your blog is certainly inspiring! I am a teacher from Port Elizabeth in South Africa and I am amazed by all that your class is doing! My class is VERY new to blogging but we would love to make a connection with your class.
    Miss Wallace and 5W